Tommie Weber’s answer to X2O doubters!

And I wish Science was still a search for the truth instead of a practice of scewing details for the people funding the research. Warburg’s research pointed to the fact that Cancer as a cell is affected by ph higher than 7.35 and Science chose to use acid Ph levels in chemicals to kill it while killing everything else in the body. The environment of the blood maintains a constant ph by using buffering minerals taken from bone and tissue and no one knows how this occurs because the body as a machine has over one hundred trillion cells or working parts as identified by medical science. What if it has another hundred unidentified as of yet because of our limited ability. The X2O water would be expensive if coca cola and beer were inexpensive.
Science pointed to be able to hydrate the system with things other than water, and in the fifties doctors told us cigarettes helped us breath, but I digress.

Warburg won 2 noble prizes for proving not only cancer cannot flourish but most problems begin to disappear at a ph slightly above 7.35 without killing other good cells. I guess science is smarter than the human body itself because we choose the later. The X2O water provides assistance to the body in the form of finished minerals as would be derived for metabolizing vegetables with out the work, it provides billions of anti oxidants and a water delievery system which is actually H2O instead of a water molecule which needs to be broken down before use.

I guess I am naive in thinking this is worthwhile to me and worth the price because it provides a simpler way of helping people address their metabolic acidosis without juicing a Garbage truck full of spinach, but since I have used this inexpensive additive to my my water for fifteen years and rarely even get a cold I think I will stick with thousands of anecdotal evidentiary experiences before I fall back on science which is a human construct to begin with and not even as smart as the X2O water itself, let alone trying to understand a human body designed to remain in balance. This is all this X2O water was intended to do. It is a baby step not a solution to all the problems of the world. To call it expensive when we are dumb enough to poison our selves everyday with the effort of a scientific community creating artificial flavors and genetic time bombs to ingest an claim as safe is a little short sighted in my opinion. I think I will stick with the a naturally enhanced solvent which makes up almost seventy percent of my body and helps to cleanse nourish and balance all of my cells. Every one washing their face and hands with soap and water. It is a mystery to me how we came to believe we can clean our lungs and heart with a coke and a smoke. I will stick with the X2O water.


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