Tommie Weber: Traditional Medicine, Quackery Shamanism, and Common Sense

Another great post by Tommie Weber:

I have read some wonderful suggestions and interesting thoughts over the last few weeks on this site. It amazes me that so many of us in the quack lane still believe that we are involved in alternative medicine.

Hippocrates, the father modern medicine recommended and stated that:

“Food is the best medicine”

He didn’t say, antidepressants, laxatives, over the counter stool softeners, prostate seeds that require a Geiger counter and lead lined receptacle to administered.  He didn’t say, artificial tears, to be followed by artificial urine, feces and sweat, which we will add to our artificial hair, skin, bones and teeth and heart. Once we are convinced that we no longer have to think, we can just give everyone a pre-frontal lobotomy and then no one will ask anymore questions at all.  Our brain cells will be replaced by computer chips and the government and pharmaceutical companies will then make every decision we ever need made.

I know this is ridiculous, but is it any more ridiculous than believing we are more than numbers to the drug industry.  If 600,000 thousand people die from cancer next year, and 700,000 die from heart disease and  450,000 die from strokes, and another 300,000 from natural causes and another 300,000 from unnatural causes that’s 2,350,000 people a year.  Just think; live or die they make money either way.

At this rate it will only take a hundred years to kill off 235,000,000 customers.  That leaves only six and a half billion left to sell their crap to without anyone ever being born again. It would then only take another 3000 years to get rid of all of us and start over.

This is the day I am waiting patiently (no pun intended) for.  The day when we actually start over and pay attention to all that is being taken from us in the under the guise of good medicine.

I have two daughters who are nurses, one who is a speech pathologist, a sister who was on the second open heart surgery team and a nephew who just became a Navy doctor.  Add to this all my friends who are hard working doctors and nurses and all of them love the art of medicine.  They love helping people heal.  They do not believe they can heal anyone.

The technological advances in surgery and emergency medicine are undeniable.  This is not where most of the money is made and it not where most of the money is wasted.  It is ludicrous to believe that we can cure disease with poison.  We have proven decisively over the past seventy that this is  not the case and there is plenty of information available to suggest that we have done more harm than good.  The bugs, are getting stronger, diseases thought obliterated are having a resurgence and fear of pandemics is everywhere.  The ever present threat of what might happen is always in the air.  It is implied in every ad for a shot or vaccination, even if it is well known that the shots and vaccinations have lost their effectiveness or never really lived up to the hype up advertisements to begin with.

Everyone who knows me knows I do not ingest medications and haven’t for over thirty five years.  This is my choice and is not for everyone.  I do not go to doctors looking for something to be wrong.  I am of the opinion that there is something wrong with all of us and when we prod, poke and suggest something might be wrong we create some problems that might never have gotten past our natural defenses. I truly believe my body will heal anything that goes wrong if I am patient and give it the chance.  It has proven it to me over and over.  I have been dead twice and suffered broken bones, torn ligaments, and muscles all without outside intervention.  Again this is my choice.

There is change coming in medicine.  If the doctors of today don’t become the nutritionists of tomorrow then the nutritionists of today will be the doctors of tomorrow,  The medical devices and vibrational healing we all see on Star Trek and, Star wars and Aliens will all come to fruition.  Many do not believe and that is okay.  The Father of medicine recommended massage on a daily basis, fiber for elimination and host of other common sense cures gathered by Shamans, Oriental doctors, Ayurvedic, practitioners, and medicine men over five thousand years of medicine in the making.

This is the tradition of the art of medicine, not Sloan Kettering or the Mayo Clinic.  This is the history and the future of medicine.  Physician heal thyself, and physician do no harm are as valid today as when the oath was first uttered.  Modern medicine, as I have stated before, is less than two centuries old.  Medicine has been around for fifty centuries. Wisdom is just wisdom and it is wise to use all the information, not just the information the insurance company covers. If I get hit by a car tomorrow I will search out the best modern doctors I can find, because crisis care is part of the information.

There are those who will disagree with most of my thoughts.  That’s fine.  But posing thoughts of early detection being paramount, as a justification for the ever increasing load of  enormously expensive diagnostic tests tends to ignore natural medicine and justify all intervention.  To them I would say again  why not use all the information.  Mammograms are standard of care for early breast cancer detection. and for every twelve hundred done less than twenty women are saved because of this specific test.  Thermmography has been available for nearly a decade now and will see a breast tumor when it is the size of a grain of sand, fully seven years before a mammogram.  So the question begs is it really about medicine or is it all about money. Crestor, Zocor and Lipitor are cholesterol lowering wonder drugs, yet no one tests commonly for elevated homocystien levels.  Every person who dies from a heart attack has elevated levels homocystein., Everyone who dies from a heart attack doesn’t have high cholesterol.  Why is this test ignored?  There are mega drugstores on every corner it seems. These three drugs alone account for over twenty five billion dollars in sales.   They used to be small stores with a soda counter in them.  Hospitals have become cathedral like medical centers.  Can you imagine the money it takes to full this behemoth.  When you think about it rationally if you believe I am rational.  Start to ask questions and when you doubt what i said about the change coming in medicine based on what you see on Star trek, please remember what those in the nineteen twenties must have thought of Jules Verne, and orf air travel and space travel.  When you really begin to doubt the change coming look down in your hand at that little screen, bring it close to your lips and whisper.


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