Transforming Obesity!


Video: Dave Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Support

Transforming Obesity!

This is how it begins…

1st – They take a condition caused by lifestyle and they classify it as a disease.

2nd – Once it is classified as a disease they invoke the “only doctors can treat disease” doctrine…

It is really hard not to see this tactic as anything other than an attempt to monopolize, and to profit from, the suffering and the lack of knowledge that exists surrounding the subject of maintaining one’s health.

When failing to sustain a healthy weight becomes a disease then we have put it into the hands of a group of people who have not shown any unique knowledge or solutions to this ever-growing problem – and in fact will almost assuredly recommend a pharmaceutical drug with significant side effects and also open the door for insurance companies to back these risky medical options since they will be paid handsomely for their loyalty.

If history repeats itself the public will go silently along not knowing that the answer is as simple as breaking one’s addictions to food and understanding the concept of total cellular satisfaction.

But that is where Purium and YOU come in… we are working diligently to create the Million Mom Movement and to teach the masses about our 10 Day Transformation Cleanse which will give control back to mothers, fathers, and families and stop the insane reliance on “authorities” who have little allegiance to anything other than stockholders and profits.

Our 10 Day Transformation and all of our natural foods and herbs (which were supplied to us by the universe and are not man-made creations) play a part in helping us to return power to where it belongs – to the person who needs to lose weight … only changing your lifestyle will help you and that depends on you!

Here’s the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation:

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Please also feel free to email our staff Naturopathic doctor, Dr Mike Wohlfeld at with your health and nutrition questions.

Thank you for reading – here’s to your health, happiness, and success!


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