Why Purium? Why now?!!

US workers Struggle with 12 Years of Stagnant Wages

When you factor in inflation, 70% of all Americans have seen their earnings power go BACKWARDS since the year 2000. It’s scary to think that most people are farther behind then they were 12 years ago. That’s an amazing statistic, especially considering that worker productivity is up 25% in that same time. This means companies (and the wealthy people who own them) have made a lot of money, while average Americans have been struggling. That’s bad news … unless you own a Purium business.

When the economy is good, the network marketing industry does well.
When the economy is bad, the network marketing industry does BETTER!

Your Purium income can be a significant buffer against the tough economy and the lack of wage increases. It also means there are tens of millions of people in the same boat. Talk to them. Let them know that you have a life preserver.

Here is a clip from CBS News last night:


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