Food then and now

I got this off of the NutritionYouCanTrust account on Instagram…just had to share!!

Scary stats, don’t you think? Not my image but stat source can tell you is Deepak Chopra & Michael Murray ND. Id argue you can replace ‘cancer’ in this w/ any chronic disease. Not same ratios, but increasing rate over yrs. But want to discuss last sentence, “something fundamentally wrong..starts w/ plate”, as its my belief food is a major foundational cause of ALL chronic disease we see today. These stats start 1900, a number I use in my posts because it was around the time our food supply/industry began to change from ALL previous history. Processed food (i.e. dead food) became prominent, a solution THEN for WWI & being able to transfer food long distance w/o spoiling. WWII yrs later ~50% of troops were turned away unfit/malnourished to enlist, which they traced back to food processing yrs before from WWI. Dead food = dead cells = dead man walking (sick, diseased, pain,etc). So solution in WWII was don’t stop processing, but ‘supplement’ the food i.e. put synthetic, lab-made vitamins/minerals back in the #deadfood that were destroyed from processing. Have you bought milk or bread “fortified” w/ vitamins &minerals lately? That started during this time. Dead food devoid of its live-source nutrients. Commercial farming became prominent 20th century & along w/ processed food, is another stress to the body w/ the pesticides, GMOs, etc. used (I talk about alot Aug26 IG post), on top of inferior food grown from inferior soil. There’s some 600+ million microorganisms in 1/2 tsp of organic soil. In commercial soil ~85% of those critters, symbiotic w our soil for food & nutrient production, are destroyed = inferior plants. Inferior plants eaten by livestock = inferior livestock. Inferior livestock & plants eaten by human = same dead man walking. Our food that our body is accustomed rapidly changed over last century, and a huge piece of puzzle why we see these epidemic stats. There’s some 50,000+ chemicals in our food supply our great grandparents body’s never saw. Pre-1900s to beginning of time our food was organic. That’s all we ate because that’s all there was! and the FUEL our body needs to be vital/healthy hasn’t changed in 100yrs.


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