Chlorella Health Benefits!

Research proves chlorella has antioxidative effects, ‘should be included as a key component of a healthy diet’

Immunity Boosting with Purium Cracked Cell Chlorella 

In addition to its disease-fighting and nutritional benefits, research shows that chlorella is a powerful antioxidant that even boosts immune system function in healthy people.

Chlorella, a variety of single-celled cyanobacteria, has long been consumed as a nutritional supplement in Asian countries, including Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and has recently become popular in the United States as well. It is high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants, and it is 60 percent protein by weight. Studies have shown that it can alleviate high cholesterol, abnormal blood fat levels, high blood pressure and abnormal blood sugar.

Chlorella boosts antioxidants

In a double-blind study published in the journal Nutrition in 2010, researchers from Continue reading

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Spirulina Health Benefits

Purium offers 2 kinds of Organic Spirulina in both tablet and powder forms. Carob Mint, and natural flavor.


Nature’s Best Source of Carotenes & Essential Fats

The fact that fossils of spirulina algae have been dated back to a time that precedes the dinosaurs, and that it is basically the same today as it was then, speaks volumes about its essential role in the earthly food chain. It turns out that spirulina is nature’s most perfect nutrient source. This alga is rich in a wide spectrum of nutrients, including
micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) and macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrate). Spirulina’s cell walls are made from polysaccharides that are easily broken
down by acids and enzymes in the GI tract, and its nutrients are highly absorbable and bioavailable to the human body.

Spirulina is about 60 percent protein and contains a balanced array of amino acids; it is rich in the anti-inammatory fatty acid, gamma-linoleic acid; and contains a wide spectrum of
highly bioavailable vitamins, antioxidants, carotenes, and minerals. It is particularly rich in carotenes (aka carotenoids), including beta-carotene. Within this spiral-shaped alga, these
powerful antioxidants are complexed with accessory nutrients, including complementary antioxidants, creating a balance not found in supplements that contain only isolated

Spirulina has been found to improve immune parameters and improve resistance to herpes virus, influenza, and even the HIV virus. Unique to spirulina are its phycocyanins, blue-green pigments that boost immunity against infection, reduce inflammation, and may even help to prevent cancer. In healthy people, spirulina enhances energy, alertness, and

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious micro salt water plant. This spiral shaped Continue reading

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Calling all Health Professionals!!

Purium is offering you a great opportunity help your patients and clients get well with our superfood offerings!

Purium Catalog Click here to view/download the Purium Catalog

“A doctor’s job is not to heal, but to create health where illness once resided.”
– Hippocrates

Doctors and health care professionals play an important role in The Real Food Revolution.

Often times, medical practitioners act as the “front line” for educating the public on important food and nutrition-related issues. Purium is reaching out and engaging these “influencers” with a special program to offer our superfood products to their patients and clients.

Doctors & Licensed Health Professionals receive 45% off of Retail Price

This program includes a unique selling system and a 45% profit margin as incentives that can’t be found in other direct sales companies.

Who can participate?

Any licensed professional in a health-related field, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym & Spa Owners
  • Estheticians

Health Professional Benefits 
45% discount
45% earnings from Customer Orders
Free Starter Kit with 5 Free Gift Cards 
Access to Premier S&H rates and Product Specials
Access to the entire Compensation Plan

Certified Health Professional Requirements 
Initial minimum purchase of 500 BV
Active Certification in an approved field of Health/Wellness
Active database of clients
500 PGV in orders every 6 months (personal orders and Customer orders)

Health Practitioners, please read this >>

The Purium Health Practitioner System

How would you like to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE the nutritional supplement sales within your practice without spending any additional money or time? Continue reading

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Great stuff for dogs!

What is Great Stuff for Dogs?

A proprietary blend of grasses, plants, and herbs designed to aid ‘man’s best friends’ with their digestion, healing, and elimination process, help that they once
got naturally from foraging before they became a domesticated species. These
premium ingredients will help to ensure naturally good health, digestion, and
extended life spans.


Spirulina, Flax Seed, Goat Whey, Acacia Gum, Barley Juice, Kamut® Grass Juice
Powder, Oat Grass Juice, Garlic, Rice Bran, Rice Solubles, Carrot, Chia Seed, Chlorella,
Glucosamine Sulfate, MSM, Beet Juice, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Kelp, Probiotics, Natural
Spices and Flavorings, Yucca, Fennel Seed.

Suggested Dosage:

For your pet’s health give 2-6 tablets per 10 lbs of body weight, per day. Tablets are non-toxic, additional tablets can be given as a reward or treat.
Please note: Great Stuff for Dogs should be stored in a cool dry place.

Potential Benefits:

• More energy
• Better digestion
• Shinier coat
• Fewer odors

Why we offer it:

Unfortunately, many canines are far from the fields where hunting and foraging
are possible. Most have gradually lost the proper instincts to forage, which has
created significant nutritional deficiencies that threaten the health of our best
We believe the answer is PHP’s Great Stuff for Dogs™; it will let them know that
the “Alpha Dog”, the leader of the pack, (you), really cares! Great Stuff for
Dogs™ will help your dog have more energy, a shinier coat, better digestion and
fewer odors!

Interesting Facts: Continue reading

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Food then and now

I got this off of the NutritionYouCanTrust account on Instagram…just had to share!!

Scary stats, don’t you think? Not my image but stat source can tell you is Deepak Chopra & Michael Murray ND. Id argue you can replace ‘cancer’ in this w/ any chronic disease. Not same ratios, but increasing rate over yrs. But want to discuss last sentence, “something fundamentally wrong..starts w/ plate”, as its my belief food is a major foundational cause of ALL chronic disease we see today. These stats start 1900, a number I use in my posts because it was around the time our food supply/industry began to change from ALL previous history. Processed food (i.e. dead food) became prominent, a solution THEN for WWI & being able to transfer food long distance w/o spoiling. WWII yrs later ~50% of troops were turned away unfit/malnourished to enlist, which they traced back to food processing yrs before from WWI. Dead food = dead cells = dead man walking (sick, diseased, pain,etc). So solution in WWII was don’t stop processing, but ‘supplement’ the food i.e. put synthetic, lab-made vitamins/minerals back in the #deadfood that were destroyed from processing. Have you bought milk or bread “fortified” w/ vitamins &minerals lately? That started during this time. Dead food devoid of its live-source nutrients. Commercial farming became prominent 20th century & along w/ processed food, is another stress to the body w/ the pesticides, GMOs, etc. used (I talk about alot Aug26 IG post), on top of inferior food grown from inferior soil. There’s some 600+ million microorganisms in 1/2 tsp of organic soil. In commercial soil ~85% of those critters, symbiotic w our soil for food & nutrient production, are destroyed = inferior plants. Inferior plants eaten by livestock = inferior livestock. Inferior livestock & plants eaten by human = same dead man walking. Our food that our body is accustomed rapidly changed over last century, and a huge piece of puzzle why we see these epidemic stats. There’s some 50,000+ chemicals in our food supply our great grandparents body’s never saw. Pre-1900s to beginning of time our food was organic. That’s all we ate because that’s all there was! and the FUEL our body needs to be vital/healthy hasn’t changed in 100yrs.

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Why Purium? Why now?!!

US workers Struggle with 12 Years of Stagnant Wages

When you factor in inflation, 70% of all Americans have seen their earnings power go BACKWARDS since the year 2000. It’s scary to think that most people are farther behind then they were 12 years ago. That’s an amazing statistic, especially considering that worker productivity is up 25% in that same time. This means companies (and the wealthy people who own them) have made a lot of money, while average Americans have been struggling. That’s bad news … unless you own a Purium business.

When the economy is good, the network marketing industry does well.
When the economy is bad, the network marketing industry does BETTER!

Your Purium income can be a significant buffer against the tough economy and the lack of wage increases. It also means there are tens of millions of people in the same boat. Talk to them. Let them know that you have a life preserver.

Here is a clip from CBS News last night:


Get started with a free $50 gift card!! 

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Just ANOTHER Reason to Keep Trusting Nature!


Just ANOTHER Reason to Keep Trusting Nature!


Video: “Throwback” Video featuring David Sandoval – Bee Energetic for Athletes

The Importance of Avoiding Adrenal Fatigue

Many people ask where I learned what I have learned about natural healing and I am always proud to say, that I learned at the feet of people like Ann Wigmore and Bernard Jensen (among many others)…and amid all of the lessons that I learned from these icons of naturopathy, perhaps the greatest was the understanding that ‘supporting the body’ vs. ‘treating the body’ cannot be stressed enough.

Never is that more evident than in the case of our adrenal glands. You don’t get cancer of the adrenal glands, you don’t ever have to have them removed like your appendix, and in fact, most people including doctors couldn’t find them on an anatomical chart…yet our adrenal glands are our first defense, our final reserve tank, and our “burst of energy” when it is needed most. The lesson that Bernard Jensen taught me was a lesson of commonality and the commonality, or the common denominator, that could be found among all people who were diagnosed with various diseases was the lack of adrenal energy.

So, let me explain, our adrenal glands are responsible for what is called “fight or flight” – it is provided by adrenalin which is pure rocket fuel for the body. In fact, when certain drugs that release adrenal energy are taken, someone could be shot by a gun and still be unable to be restrained by multiple full grown men…adrenal energy allows a mother to fight off a bear if her child is threatened…adrenal energy is that heart racing feeling you get when you get suddenly scared or surprised because nature has a booster that it gives you when its most needed – the strength to run or the strength to stay and fight. It is often triggered by fear or threats to our life. Continue reading

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Million Mom Movement!

PURE Intentions

Mom Son Kitchen

We are on a mission.
We are starting a Real Food Revolution and we want YOU to join us.

We call it the million mom movement.

MMM Logo

We are looking for 1,000 women

in 100 communities

who want to help 10 families each

eat cleaner and greener.

That’s one million moms.
One million people who take back control of their pantries.
One million families who take back control of their dinner tables.
One million parents who tell the biotech companies:
I am Not a Science Experiment

“DON’T YOU DARE experiment on MY children!” 

100 years ago all food was organic.
Vegetables grew from the earth.
Fruit was picked right off the tree.
Fish swam in pristine streams, lakes and oceans.
And animals roamed free.

Now, many of the things we put into our bodies are
made not made by God or Mother Nature,
they’re made by chemists … in laboratories.

They aren’t foods at all.
They’re food-like substances.
Processed, irradiated and genetically-modified.
Filled with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.
Loaded with hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

It’s time to take back our food!
Be part of our million mom movement.
Your family and your community are counting on you!

Mom with daughter

And you don’t have to be a mom to join the movement.
We’re looking for dads, kids and everyone who believes that real food is good food and fake food is not.

Purium has been one of the leaders in the Real Food Revolution
for more than 20 years … producing our own PURE and PREMIUM products in a 30,000 square foot cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) and organically-certified facility in Southern California. Cultivating strategic relationships with farms, fields and forests around the globe. The Purium “farm-to-family” process means there are no middlemen to increase price or compromise quality.

It’s the best of Nature delivered right to your door.

So with Purium you enjoy only the most potent, whole food, raw food, live food, green food, super-concentrated, highly-alkalenized, organic, vegan, super-food products.
We know it, because we make it.

So whether you live in Manhattan, NY or Manhattan, KS, we want you to join us!

“I am a mom first and a Purium owner second. Before we introduce any product, I ask one simple question – ‘Is this something I would give to Madilyn and Addison?’ That means absolutely NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO genetically-modified ingredients, NO irradiated ingredients, NO binders, fillers or synthetic ingredients of any kind. I don’t want my girls consuming unhealthy food and I don’t want your kids to consume unhealthy food either. What we don’t put into our products is just as important as what we do put in.”
Amy Venner
Owner & Co-Founder of Purium

The Million Mom Pledge
I pledge to defend the health of my family and myself.
I pledge to reject GMOs, artificial ingredients, trans fats and over-processed foods.
I pledge to educate myself, read labels and lead by example.
I understand my actions TODAY will positively impact the health of future generations.
I am COMMITTED to sharing this mission until I have a Million Moms by my side!

Contact us if you are interested or have any questions!

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Transforming Obesity!


Video: Dave Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Support

Transforming Obesity!

This is how it begins…

1st – They take a condition caused by lifestyle and they classify it as a disease.

2nd – Once it is classified as a disease they invoke the “only doctors can treat disease” doctrine…

It is really hard not to see this tactic as anything other than an attempt to monopolize, and to profit from, the suffering and the lack of knowledge that exists surrounding the subject of maintaining one’s health.

When failing to sustain a healthy weight becomes a disease then we have put it into the hands of a group of people who have not shown any unique knowledge or solutions to this ever-growing problem – and in fact will almost assuredly recommend a pharmaceutical drug with significant side effects and also open the door for insurance companies to back these risky medical options since they will be paid handsomely for their loyalty.

If history repeats itself the public will go silently along not knowing that the answer is as simple as breaking one’s addictions to food and understanding the concept of total cellular satisfaction.

But that is where Purium and YOU come in… we are working diligently to create the Million Mom Movement and to teach the masses about our 10 Day Transformation Cleanse which will give control back to mothers, fathers, and families and stop the insane reliance on “authorities” who have little allegiance to anything other than stockholders and profits.

Our 10 Day Transformation and all of our natural foods and herbs (which were supplied to us by the universe and are not man-made creations) play a part in helping us to return power to where it belongs – to the person who needs to lose weight … only changing your lifestyle will help you and that depends on you!

Here’s the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation:

Any Questions? Please contact me on Facebook

Please also feel free to email our staff Naturopathic doctor, Dr Mike Wohlfeld at with your health and nutrition questions.

Thank you for reading – here’s to your health, happiness, and success!

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Top US Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals



 Top US Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals

Posted on: Tuesday, May 28th 2013 at 2:00 pm

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder of Green Med Info

The #1 Children’s Vitamin Brand in the US contains ingredients that most parents would never intentionally expose their children to, so why aren’t more opting for healthier alternatives?

Kids vitamins are supposed to be healthy, right? Well then, what’s going on with Flintstones Vitamins, which proudly claims to be “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice”? Produced by the global pharmaceutical corporation Bayer, this wildly success brand features a shocking list of unhealthy ingredients, including:

  • Aspartame
  • Cupric Oxide
  • Coal tar artificial coloring agents (FD&C Blue #2, Red #40, Yellow #6)
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Sorbitol
  • Ferrous Fumarate
  • Hydrogenated Oil (Soybean)
  • GMO corn starch

On Bayer Health Science’s Flintstones product page designed for healthcare professionals they lead into the product description with the following tidbit of information:

82% of kids aren’t eating all of their veggies1. Without enough vegetables, kids may not be getting all of the nutrients they need. Continue reading

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