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Metabolic Acidosis – The Main Cause of Disease

From Dr. Marthin Botha: Acidosis Metabolic Acidosis – The Main Cause of Disease  We live or die at the cellular level. As human life is dependent on Oxygen, and to remain healthy and alive all the cells (over 30+Trillion of … Continue reading

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How alkalinity rid the body of toxic waste and maintains a healthier life!

When asked what the number one cause of death is worldwide, most will likely answer; Heart disease, Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity. Every one of these answers will be right. No matter what the name of the illness is, all human diseases … Continue reading

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Dr Marthin Botha on the Diet Soda effect

An interesting fact has apparently been discovered by nutritional scientists, first working independently and then cooperatively in Great Britain and in Holland. After a person consumed the so-called “diet drink,” laced with artificial sweeteners, high acidity and no calories, the … Continue reading

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