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Why Purium? Why now?!!

US workers Struggle with 12 Years of Stagnant Wages When you factor in inflation, 70% of all Americans have seen their earnings power go BACKWARDS since the year 2000. It’s scary to think that most people are farther behind then … Continue reading

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A change for the better!

Well, we did it! After years of struggling with trying to make a go of leveraging Direct Sales companies to add an income stream that we wanted to have after the financial crisis of 2008. Here’s our story: my wife … Continue reading

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USAToday: Direct sales (like Avon, Mary Kay) offer recession-proof jobs

_ Not long ago, Craig Lapp made his living driving a truck that helped carve Southern California’s soil into new developments. But then housing sales slumped, and in November 2007 Lapp’s construction company let him go. While he searched for … Continue reading

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