The Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Team Explained!

The Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Concept car!!!

What is the Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Family?

  • We are are group of racers and racing enthusiasts that believe in the Xooma products and want to share the health benefits of the products with friends, family and fellow competitors. We want to spread the word of becoming self-reliant on creating residual income for ourselves while impressing potential sponsors with our marketing skills, passion and drive.
  • We provide the support and marketing help that you can’t get with a traditional sponsorship. Xooma WorldWide is in 52 countries and growing fast in the USA! No matter where you are, we probably have a distributor nearby that can provide support for you with our help.
  • If you decide to become a distributor, then you have the support of us, and the corporate team! Do you have to be a distributor? No!! Join and enjoy the products, help your favorite racer promote themselves on the track, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc.!

Why Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Family?

This is what happened to driver David Ragan after the 2011 Cup season:

“Forget talent. Forget performance. Forget that you won a race last year in NASCAR’s foremost series.

That wasn’t what mattered to many of the car owners who talked to David Ragan during his frustrating offseason search for a new job.

Here’s Ragan’s wry assessment of the first few questions in a typical Sprint Cup job interview: “How much money do you have? Do you have a sponsor? How much money you got in your back pocket?”

Ragan spoke last week during the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“That is a big part of it,” he said of the money. “These team owners want to know, ‘Do you have any connections in the world of companies? Do you have any friends that are on marketing boards? Do you have any CEO buddies that are your next-door neighbor’s cousin?’ “

Be your own sponsor…bring your own sponsor!

What do you get when you join Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Family?

  • You get to order amazing health and wellness products at retail prices! And the opportunity to share them with family, friends and race track promotions!
  • You get access to promotional material to instantly advertise your brand at the track and show that you are marketable and a self starter!
  • You get professional marketing help if your choose you take your marketing to the next level!
  • We are starting in Charlotte NC and will be expanding to other major markets as we attract other leaders who want to be a part of this new concept in sponsorship and marketing!
  • You get access to the corporate logos and graphics that you need to wrap your car or add the logo decals to your car!

How do we get started?

  • Contact the person who introduced you to the Xooma Racing Family and ask them to send you the link to sign up! Or, sign up here:  It can cost as little as $6 to join, and no contracts! No automated monthly shipments needed either!
  • After you sign up, contact us at to get you hooked up with starter material and get featured on our website of Xooma Racers!

How do I benefit from being a Freakin’ Xtreme Motorsports Member?

  • You get the healthy products that you need to succeed!! Xtreme X2O and  FocusUp are so beneficial to racers since they get you healthy and mentally alert for those 100 degree days waiting for the next round or heat!
  • You get the opportunity to make a residual income that you cannot and will not get from a traditional sponsorship! AND it’s yours! NOT other peoples money that can disappear with a budget cut that you had no control over.
  • That residual income can and will continue to grow not only with your efforts, but with the efforts of the race enthusiasts that sign on with you to buy the products or become distributors.

OK, I’m interested…but I have a legends car and a Go Kart! How can I benefit like a big time NHRA, NASCAR, IRL, or ALMS or Grand Am team can?

  • It’s all relative! In fact, you can have more success if you’re willing to share the product and/or brochures at the track at a local event than the pro’s can because you have your target audience next to you in the garage and in the stands!
  • The big league teams are looking for the “home run” sponsor who will fund them for the season and then some! If you get in with the Xooma Racing Family and commit to sharing and marketing, you are the sponsorship success that will carry you to the next level, and beyond!
  • We’ve seen it time and time again…every time a good driver gets an opportunity and they take a sponsor offer to race a season, no matter what the results, if the sponsor pulls out at the end of the season, it doesn’t matter if you’re the series champion or the last place team…you’re out! No seat available unless you personally can attract more money!
  • At the grassroots level, the help you got was from your family business and local businesses that helped out because they knew you and trusted you to help advertise their business.
  • You can break the cycle of sponsor dependency by having the Xooma Racing Family behind you to guide you to be independent as well as able to attract major sponsors because they want to be associated with a Go-Getter like you who is able to think outside the box and make them want to be a part of the Team!
  • This way, if you’re lacking performance because of tires, and you can bring in $500/month on your own to pay for new tires, and use the sponsors money for hiring a chassis specialist or an engine tuner, that takes a burden off of you to worry about the tires!

OK, I don’t have a race car, but I want in!

  • You too can benefit by joining the Xooma Racing Family and encouraging drivers as well as family and friends to get healthy with Xooma products!!
  • How? Join in on the team calls. Get in on the teams!
  • If you have a favorite driver, please let us know so we can get them included in the family and get them going with us!

Can you see your name on this car? It can happen!!

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