Note from Dave Sandoval…


The Mantra
We have a PROVEN SYSTEM (10 days )
it produces DRAMATIC RESULTS (12.5 pounds)
It is based on SOLID SCIENCE
and when you do it, and help others do it

The dream
dare to DREAM BIG

The theme
get ready for THE RUN
and remember
The speed of the LEADER
is the speed of the pack!

22 years ago I dared to dream that I could create a company that would change, even save lives.
Help me to share that dream, and fulfill that promise, as we go in to 2015 as it has never been done before.
This is our year. We can do it. Together.



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L.O.V. Super Meal is here!

The newly formulated L.O.V. with Vanilla Chai flavor not only tastes great, but it is jam packed with organic vegan micronutrients to go straight to the cellular level to nourish and power you to excel!

Just look at those ingredients!!

Super Meal - L.O.V.

Super Meal - L.O.V.

Super Meal - L.O.V.

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8 Best Superfoods To Boost Your Mood & Energy Levels

 Purium sells nothing but No GMO, Organic products. All Superfoods and super supplements!

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Discovering superfoods has changed my life and was one of my first steps towards my recovery from eating disorders, and becoming healthier and happier. Now, I have them every day and that’s helping me to stay healthy and have great energy.
But what are superfoods, exactly?
Superfoods are basically foods that are much richer in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes and phytonutrients, but also much poorer in calories than any other usual foods. They nourish your body on a very deep level.
Here are my 8 favorite superfoods to boost you mood and energy levels:
1. Maca powder
Maca is a root that comes from Peru. You will mainly find it as powder because it doesn’t grow in all climates So, it is dried and powdered to be exported in the rest of the world.
Maca is amazing for balancing hormones and is beneficial to both women (relief of PMS symptoms and menopause) and men (enhanced fertility). Maca is also a great adaptogen that helps decrease stress levels, enhance strength, stamina and libido as well as providing great energy and endurance. It works with the rhythms and needs of your own body.
Maca is rich is calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vit B1, B2, C, E and iron. It contains lots of trace minerals like zink and selenium and is great for menstrual imbalances, lack of libido, infertility, menopausal symptoms and stress but also for conditions such as anemia, fatigue, depression, poor memory, tuberculosis and malnutrition.
I usually add maca powder to my breakfast muesli, smoothies, juices, chocolate, desserts, etc.
Try adding maca into your diet and notice the benefits. (You can find more recipes here.)
2. Pure, raw organic cacao
YES, chocolate is a superfood! But I am not talking about the sugary, packaged chocolate bars you find at the supermarket. I’m talking about the real, original, raw, pure cacao. You can use the beans, which are quite bitter or you can find it in powder in any health food store to make amazing desserts like my wonderful Love Chocolate Pie or Sour Cherry Fudge.
Pure, raw, organic cacao is just amazing and to be honest, I am enjoying it every single day in healthy, sugar free desserts or smoothies. Because what’s bad about chocolate? It’s actually sugar, dairy and other additives that have been added to packaged chocolate you buy in supermarkets.
Cacao itself is great for your health and is nature’s number-one weight loss and high energy food, according to David Wolfe, the cacao master (watch his TEDx talk about chocolate here).
Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, vit-C, phosphorus and more. It’s also rich in tryptophan, which is a powerful mood-enhancer, crucial in the production of serotonin, which diminishes anxiety and has the same impact as love in our brain. That’s why chocolate is often associated with love and Valentin’s day.
Add more raw, pure and organic cacao into your diet and start feeling amazing effects.
3. Chia seeds
Chia seeds are a complete protein rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and manganese. Just one tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 grams of fiber. So adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to your breakfast (cereals, smoothies, juices, etc.) is a great way to increase your fiber intake.
But chia seeds are also very rich in vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. They absorb lots of water (about 10 times their weight). When you soak chia seeds, they will absorb lots of liquid and create a gelatine-like substance, which will clean your digestive and immune systems by moving all the toxins and impurities to the bowels.
Soaking chia seeds in coconut water or mashed fresh fruit for breakfast is great and chia puddings are also delicious and great for your health.
4. Coconut (water, flesh/meat, oil and butter)
This is one of my favorite foods and drinks ever. The water inside the young coconut is an isotonic drink full of electrolytes and can even be used in blood transfusions. It is rich in potassium, is ideal for proper rehydration and has strong antiviral properties.
It also contains kinetin, which keeps the coconut young despite the fact that it’s under the sun all day long. Kinetin has the exact same effect on our body and keeps you young.
(Amazing isn’t it?)
Coconut meat is high in protein and fiber and is a great saturated fat (essential to our body). It’s been proven that the saturated fat in coconut oil supports the immune system, thyroid gland, nervous system and skin.
Coconut oil and butter are also a very healthy saturated fat and are perfect for cooking as it’s the only oil/butter that stays stable when you heat it (even olive oil is not perfectly stable when you heat it). Thus, using coconut oil for cooking is much safer and healthier than any other oils.
Personally, I only use coconut oil for cooking. I still use olive, hemp and flax oil, which are all amazing oils, but only for dressings. I also use coconut oil on my skin, as moisturiser as coconut oil is actually a top beauty product… and at a very cheap price!
5. Spirulina
Spirulina is a Blue-Green Algae, which thrives in alkaline lakes. It contains over 65% of complete protein (300% more than fish, meat or poultry, with 0 cholesterol). Spirulina is also very rich in chlorophyl, iron (about 58 times more than spinach), antioxydants, beta-carotene and essential fatty acid Omega 3 and 6.
Spirulina really helped me to have more strength and energy to recover from bulimia. It also fixed my anemia and I was able to get rid of my unnatural iron supplements.
Today, I am taking 3 to 6 grams of spirulina every morning. You can choose to use powder – which is the most powerful way as it’s directly absorbable by your body – and add it to your juices and smoothies. If you don’t juice or blend every day, you can use tablets (I personally find that the taste is too strong to mix spirulina powder with water only). You can change your dosage regarding your levels of energy, activity and your diet.
Spirulina is also great for people who have digestive issues as it helps improving the absorption of nutrients by your body.
As you can see, I love spirulina and I really recommend you to give it a try. I am pretty sure you will notice great improvements in your energy in just a few days 😉
6. Goji berries
Goji berries are a berry-fruit found in Asia and America. They are usually dried before being exported elsewhere in the world.
Gojis are probably one of the most nutritious berry-fruit found on the planet. They are a complete source of protein and amino acids, contain lots of trace mineral as well as vit B1, B2, B6, E and C. They are extremely rich inantioxidant, which protects you from the ageing process and free radical. They are also well-known to improve vision, boost libido, sexual function and immune system. Sounds great, right?
You can consume them in many different ways. Add them to your smoothies, breakfast, salads or use them in your trail mix or in your awesome chocolate desserts 😉
7. Hempseeds and oil
Hempseeds and oil are one of the rare complete source of protein (33% to 37% of its weight) and are packed with life-force energy and enzymes. They are rich in Omega-3, 6 and 9 which are all very important for brain functions and considered a quality beautifying oil.
Hempseeds and oil are great to boost your immune system and bring balance in your essential fatty
acids, thus are also decreasing inflammation. They deliver a balanced array of amino acids and are rich in minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sodium, silicon, copper and many others.
Use the oil in in your dressings and sprinkle the seeds on your cereals, fruits, smoothies or salads, they are delicious!
8. Flaxseeds and oil
Flaxseeds (or linseeds) and their oil are one of the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for our health as our body doesn’t produce them on its own. The problem in our societies is that the big majority of people consume too much Omega-6 fatty acids and not enough Omega-3. However, the balance between both is absolutely vital to be healthy. Flax seeds and oil is one of the rare food that contains Omega-6 and 3 (EFAs – essential fatty acids) in perfect balance for the human body.
EFTAs are vital for brain function, energy production, oxygen transfer and strengthen immunity. Omega-3 fatty acids help to fight and prevent inflammation and many degenerative conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, etc .
They are many other superfoods great to try and add to your diet such as acai, bee products (bee pollen, royal jelly, honey and propolis), marine phytoplankton, aloe vera, wheatgrass or any seaweed, but here are the ones I am using the most to boost my mood and enrgy levels!

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Is Spirulina a ‘Miracle’ High-Protein Super Food?

Purium offers 4 different ways to get your Spirulina High Protein Superfood!

Carob Mint Tablets

Carob Mint Powder

Spirulina Caplets

Spirulina Powder

Ignored Since the 1950s – Is Spirulina Now a ‘Miracle’ High-Protein Super Food?

Story at-a-glance

  • Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that springs from warm, fresh water bodies. It is often confused with chlorella, but the fundamental difference between the two is that spirulina is many thousands of years older and does not possess the hard cell wall that makes chlorella closer to being a plant than algae.
  • Spirulina is being seriously discussed as a sustainable source of food with the potential to end world hunger – unlike most plants, it is a survivor, able to withstand extreme temperature variations and neglect and still thrive.
  • It has been found in studies to successfully treat a wide range of ailments, including arsenic poisoning, candida overgrowth, and allergic rhinitis. It has also been seen to potentially lower stroke and cancer risks.
  • The recommended daily dose is typically three to five grams, which you can spread out to twice or thrice a day. But it is best to start with a small dose and work your way for you to see how your body responds to spirulina.
  • This article lists potential adverse reactions to spirulina, and what you can do to alleviate 

Continue reading

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Magical Health!

This note from “The Secret” fits so well with our beliefs!!

Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda ByrneCreator of The Secret


Day 4: Magical Health
From the book, The Magic 

“The greatest wealth is health.”

Virgil (70 BC-19 BC)
Roman poet

Health is the most precious thing in life, and yet more than anything else, we can take our health for granted. For many of us, the only time we think of our health is when we lose it. Then the realization hits us: without our health, we have nothing. Continue reading

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Is Your Protein Shake Good For You?

I know ours is!! We LOVE our replacement drink!

L.O.V.E.  stands for Live Organic Vegan Energy


Our Newest product at Purium, L.O.V.E. Super Meal, is the purest source of food on the planet and compares well to its competition. 
We call it “The No-Comparison Comparison.” L.O.V.E. is better than ALL of the major direct selling meal replacements and ALL of the major retail brands. Check out these comparison charts: 

L.O.V.E. vs. other direct selling drinks

L.O.V.E. vs. popular retail drinks

Compare our transformation to Body By Vi

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Spirulina can help prevent cancer, boost brain function and more!

Want a free $50 gift card to try Purium’s Organic Spirulina?!!

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Spirulina is a type of green algae that grows in fresh water bodies. It is a survivor plant which, unlike most flora, is able to withstand considerable temperature variations and still thrive. It is cultivated worldwide and has been harvested as a food source for thousands of years.

According to David Wolfe, author of the book, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, spirulina is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. In fact, it has become synonymous with the “superfood” label. This article contains an overview of spirulina’s health benefits and the studies that confirm them.

Research into spirulina

Rich in nutrients – Spirulina’s biggest attraction is its incomparable levels of nutrients. Continue reading

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Countless Uses for Coconut Oil

Countless Uses for Coconut Oil – The Simple, the Strange, and the Downright Odd

Purium’s Organic Tropic Oil™ is pure, extra virgin coconut oil. Our Organic Tropic Oil™ is hand poured into jars at a low temperature making a marbled texture that shows it is still in its raw state.


Coconut oil has been a dietary and beauty staple for millennia. It’s a powerful destroyer of all kinds of microbes, from viruses to bacteria to protozoa, many of which can be harmful, and provides your body with high-quality fat that is critical for optimal health.

Around 50 percent of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, which is rarely found in nature. In fact, coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any substance on Earth.

Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, a monoglyceride that can actually destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV and herpes, influenza, measles, gram-negative bacteria, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia.

This is undoubtedly part of what makes it so medicinally useful—both when taken internally and applied externally.

Coconut oil is comprised of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are easily digested and readily cross cell membranes. MCFAs are immediately converted by your liver into energy rather than being stored as fat. This is in part why I recommend coconut oil as an ideal replacement for non-vegetable carbohydrates.

Coconut oil is easy on your digestive system and does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream, so for a quick energy boost, you could simply eat a spoonful of coconut oil, or add it to your food. In the video above, I also share my recipe for a scrumptious yet healthful chocolate treat, courtesy of the healthy fat from coconut oil. Continue reading

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How Sugar Is Destroying The World!

Incredible Presentation From Wall Street Bank Shows How Sugar Is Destroying The World

  • credit suisse sugar

Credit Suisse

A new study from Wall Street bank Credit Suisse exposes the “dietary impact of ‘sugar and sweeteners’ and their role in the ongoing health debate surrounding obesity and diabetes.”

The accompanying video — “Sugar: Sweet With a Bitter Aftertaste” — visualizes the sorry state of sugar consumption.

The harrowing effect of sugar consumption on American waistlines isn’t necessarily new news, but Credit Suisse does an excellent job of breaking down just how out of control it has gotten (especially in the U.S., where they had to literally adjust the y-axis of one of their charts so that U.S. soda consumption could be mapped).

We grabbed some screenshots from Credit Suisse’s video to break it down.

400 million people worldwide are affected by Type 2 Diabetes.

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Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Today is World Diabetes Day
According to the American Diabetes Association, 104.8 million Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.

That’s a problem, a HUGE problem. And we have the solution!
But don’t just take our word for it, ask the Diabetes Resource Center.

Scoop of Greens™ has been given the Diabetes Resource Center’s prestigious Seal of Approval because it is a valuable aid in safely stabilizing and lowering blood sugar.

Learn more about Scoop of Green and blood sugar management:

   01/14/09 Scoop of Greens & Diabetes [7.4MB]
   11/12/08 Diabetes Awareness(Scoop of Greens) [7.5MB]
   Diabetes – Questions & Answers by Sandy D. Corlett – Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. [152KB]
   Diabetes & Digestion – Questions & Answers by Sandy D. Corlett – Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. [150KB]
   Diabetes Overview by Sandy D. Corlett – Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. [88 KB]
   PHP’s Blood Glucose Record Chart [132 KB]

   Clinical Evaluation Of Scoop Of Greens [75 KB]

You may not realize but Scoop of Greens was named after 2-time Grammy Award winner “Fatman Scoop.” David Sandoval created this product for Scoop so he could get medical clearance (due to his diabetes issues) to perform on his MTV show. Dave has a long list of celebrity and athlete clients who demand the best, the healthiest, and the purest products. These superstars can afford to get any products on the planet, but they choose to use Purium, because of the results!

Here is what Scoop says about “his” product, Scoop of Greens:

The L.O.V.E. Super Meal is also approved by the Diabetes Resource Center!

L.O.V.E. Super Meal

And the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse also has tremendous testimonials supporting its ability to help people effectively manage blood sugar levels.

10-Day Transformation Cleanse

“After a week on the Cleanse, my blood sugar normalized for the first time in two years.”
                                                                                        Kathi Agueda
Red Diamond from California

Spread the word. Join the Million Mom Movement!

Interested? Want a free $50 Gift Card to try these products?

Ask us!

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